The Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage Essay examples

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On the contrary, there are people opposing to the legalization of same-sex marriage. One of the reason is that homosexual marriage shifts the purpose of marriage. As stated by the California Supreme Court since 1859, the ultimate purpose of matrimony is procreation. Also, in July 2014, there were Court papers filed by attorneys, defending Arizona 's gay marriage ban with the argument of:
The State regulates marriage for the primary purpose of channeling potentially procreative sexual relationships into enduring unions for the sake of joining children to both their mother and their father... Same-sex couples can never provide a child with both her biological mother and her biological father. ("Gay Marriage")
As there is a fact of “all human beings from conception have, in every cell of their bodies, either XX chromosomes if they are female or XY chromosomes if they are male. Even a sex-change operation and hormone treatments cannot change those chromosomes”, it is impossible for same-sex couples to reproduce with their own genes (Jost).
Legalizing same-sex marriage will weaken the institution of marriage. In the 6th US District Court of Appeals Judge, Jeffrey S. Sutton wrote that "marriage has long been a social institution defined by relationships between men and women”. If same-sex marriage is legalized, as former US Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum said, the existing system of a normal family that facilitates the well-being of children and the…

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