Essay about The Legalization Of Drugs And Drugs

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Drugs are widely used around the world and continues to be a huge issue. Many philosophers debate on the effects of making drugs legal. Some say that the forbidden fruit effect helps reduce the urge of doing drugs; however, Wilson believes that an increase of supply at a lower price will increase the amount of people taking these drugs. In addition, many argue that if drugs are not allowed then alcohol should be prohibited as well. This brings up many questions and the philosophers seem to have a few answers. Wilson and Husak are two philosophers that have very different opinions on the legalization of drugs and its effects and both bring thought experiments that help their case. James Q. Wilson is greatly against the legalization of drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Wilson argues that if drugs like heroin and cocaine are legalized then “its price would have been reduced by 95%” and it becomes very easy to obtain (Wilson 225). Likewise, the effect of financial or illegal reasons would be eliminated, therefore more would be willing to try the drugs. Evidence has found that “price and supply play a large role” (Wilson 225). With legalization of these drugs there would no longer be the issue of traveling to find the drug, “heroin could have been purchased anywhere, perhaps by mail order” (Wilson 226). When young blacks were asked why they stopped taking heroin, “more than half mentioned ‘trouble with the law’ or ‘high cost’” (Wilson 225). In addition, the young boys also said…

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