The Legacy Of The Civil War Essays

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America has always been a controversial country, but also always a beacon of freedom- except for the almost 200 year period in which white citizens enslaved other humans, abusing them and using them for free labor. So set were they in their right to own human beings that they caused a Civil War. The north won in the end and Lincoln was seen as the Champion of the slaves, having ‘freed’ them- especially after his famous Emancipation Proclamation. However, Lincoln was hesitant, and the Emancipation Proclamation not much more than big words. Lincoln was pushed by another group to move forward, a group which had massive positive effects of it’s own. They were known as Radical Republicans, and were comprised of passionate abolitionists and strong speakers working toward a common goal- justice and equality for all.

One of the most passionate anti-slavery advocates in congress was Thaddeus Stevens, a known Radical Republican. He actively spoke against slavery and racism as much as 25 years before the civil war broke out, and was known for aggressively pushing his agenda, as well as telling his opinion as brutally as possible, saying in 1862 “Abolition—Yes! abolish everything on the face of the earth but this Union; free every slave—slay every traitor—burn every rebel mansion, if these things be necessary to preserve this temple of freedom to the world and to our posterity.” He said this immediately after accepting his re-nomination for congress, showing he was clearly unafraid to…

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