The Legacy Of The Civil War Essay

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The history of America, as a nation is connected through the wars it has entered and how these wars have irreversibly changed the country. “The Civil War made modern America… [and] we remain connected to this war” (Suri, Lecture 1). This is because the Civil War was an establishment of our nation’s beliefs and freedoms; fought to preserve the Union, this war shaped what America was and would become. The Civil War changed the notion of what liberty was, the transition from negative freedom to positive freedom is an influential aspect of American idealism. The ideal of liberty that emerged from the Civil War was that the liberty came from the power of freedom. Future wars were fought on the notion of protecting and expanding American interpretation of freedom; and each of these wars brought about change that would otherwise not have transpired. These wars came in three waves: the building of American presence, making the world safe for democracy and fighting oppressive regimes, and exporting democracy. The War of 1898 established America as a major global player. Alfred Thayer Mahan’s ideals influence the notion that the United States could project power without occupying societies. The Spanish-American War was --. Set off by the explosion of the US battleship Maine; the war was fought on the premises not of helping Cuba, but protecting American security and freedoms (Suri, Lecture 7). Through this war America secured its place as an international power; this was a crucial…

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