The Legacy Of Lyndon B Johnson Essay

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Lyndon B Johnson
Lyndon B Johnson was the 36th president of United States of America and was born in 1908. He took over presidency in November 1963 after the assassination of President John F Kennedy in the same year. Johnson Lyndon was a Texan and he served both in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. He is well known for some of his great achievements such as the “Great Society”. Even though he had several accomplishments, he is also known for certain bad acts, such as the Vietnam War. In this particular essay, the main aim of the paper is to study the history of Lyndon, the positive achievements and some of the negative acts.
Lyndon was born in the year 1908 in the Central Community of the City of Johnson. The name comes from his larger family (Evans and Robert 10). His father Ealy Johnson Junior was born in 1877; he was a farmer, a legislator and a businessperson. Johnson’s mother was called Rebecca and she was born in 1881. John was the first in a family of five children. Johnson graduated from Texas State University in the year 1930. In order to help finance his education, he taught in a Mexican-American school for the disadvantaged. He was able to interact with poor families during this period. The situation exposed him to high level of discrimination and poverty in the country, thus sparking his ego to search for solutions to the common problems.
After a long hurdle in his career, Johnson got an opportunity to serve as the secretary of the congress for…

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