The Legacy Of King Harold

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King Harold, the true legend himself, was the last king during the Anglo-Saxon period. His legacy would last forever. He was a competitive fighter that never gave up and whose victories were well known. He had an aggressive and arrogant personality, but his motives were never self-centered. In 1066 A.D. “both Tostig and Harald Hardrada invaded England to unseat King Harold, but both attacks failed” (n.p, Norman Conquest of England, The History Guy). This shows how magnificent his strength was when armies attacked him and failed. Tostig was Harold’s brother, so the attack was a test of his morals. After the victory, Harold and his men marched at Stamford Bridge, displaying their abilities. The amount of bravery that he had was astonishing and caught many off guard, and his aptitude as a warrior will be remembered. …show more content…
In other words, he gave financial support for religious causes, displaying his appreciation for others. King Harold dedicated his money and effort into religion, showing his devotion. He was loyal and would never abandon his religion. Harold was bound to have an everlasting legacy because he was the last Anglo-Saxon king. He was overthrown by King William of Normandy after the Norman Conquest. Although he was overthrown, he was a great man who supported

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