Essay on The Legacy Of Coretta Scott King

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The Legacy of Coretta Scott King started on April 27, 1927 the day she was born in Heiberger, Alabama. Mrs. King’s father is Obediah Scott “a resourceful man who was the first black person in the district to own a truck and who eventually opened a county store (Harris)”. Her mother was Bernice Scott “also a strong person (Harris)”. Mrs. King sister and brother was Edythe Scott and Obadiah Leonard. Mrs. King and her family lived on a farm in Perry County, Alabama. The land they live on has been owned since the Civil war. Mrs. King married Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and had four children together. Together they took civil rights movement to heart and did everything they could to help people. Mrs. King has overcome many obstacles within her life time. And they’re legacy was not left to die because of their children. “A woman of wisdom, compassion, and vision, Coretta Scott King has tried to make ours a better world and, in the process, has made history (Cosby and Poussaint 220)”.

Coretta Scott King was very boyish growing up. She was mean to her brother and sister. She would enjoy playing with boys more than girls. She liked to climb tries and wrestle and fight when she did not get what she wanted. Her family told her “you’re going to the devil. That’s what’s going to happen to you because you’re so mean. And then you’re not going to have any friends. Nobody’s going to like you (Cosby and Poussaint 221)”. After her family told her that she started to become more like a lady…

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