The Legacy Of Al Capone Essay

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Chicago dates back to 1830 and has a great history of violence from the Black Hawk war to the chicago fire all the way to modern times. In the early 1900’s Chicago had an increased amount of crime. That was followed after the Prohibition Act of 1920. Gangsters took the opportunity of the illegal use and distribution of alcohol and created an empire. Al Capone, one of the most notorious crime bosses in history had obtained his fame in this period. With the help of Johnny Torrio he created a crime empire that included having police on his payroll. The legacy of Al Capone is a popular topic when talking about gangsters and criminals, but not everyone knows how big of an impact that Chicago had on its residence. Al Capone was apart of more petty criminal activity, but it was not until he moved to Chicago to help out with Johnny Torrio’s gang that he started in a higher type of crime. Chicago and its residence has influenced Al Capone’s criminal lifestyle.
Early Crime “Alphonso Caponi, was born to immigrant parents on January 17, 1899, in Brooklyn, New York. His family of a great size of nine children, he was born fourth.” Being raised on the American Dream, Al believed in living life by gaining money, but never leaving his family behind. “While attending school when he was fourteen, Al had a fight with a teacher and after getting disciplined by the principle, he dropped out and joined the Five Point Juniors gang.” During his time with the Juniors, he learned racketeering. He…

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