The Lecture Halls And I Feel Free As A Bird Essay

1137 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
I step out of the Lecture Halls and I take a deep breath in – classes are done for the day and I feel free as a bird. Oh wait, I think to myself. I cannot take that deep breath in because there are four smokers crowding the exits of the building. I tell myself, wait a few more seconds and you can take that deep sigh of relief. I continue the walk back to my building through Binghamton University’s beautifully maintained campus. I begin to take a deep breath but then I hold it in because I see another group of two friends smoking. I just can’t get in that uncontaminated air that I am looking for. Again, I tell myself that in just a few more moments I can get what I am looking for – something so simple and presumably so available to everyone. On my walk back, there are smokers lining the sidewalks of my “beautiful,” “wholesome,” and “clean” campus. Finally, I am back inside a building and can take that deep breath of relief. I realize something – it is quite ironic that it is encouraged to go outside and get some fresh air – yet – I just walked back from class as fast as possible to get back inside and take a deep breath of “clean air”.
Binghamton University has a beautiful campus; it is clean, maintained, modern, and full of life on the outside. When really examining the campus, it is seen as polluted, harmful, and may be deadly to the people living within because of the contamination from cigarettes. If you saw someone on the street with a knife who was harming themselves,…

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