The Leadership Theory Of Organizational Leadership Essay

1042 Words Jun 6th, 2016 5 Pages
The aims of this article is to review the most dominant results of an organizational leadership and to pointing out the importance of each type of leadership that were used before, while some of those kind of leaderships are being use now in our present time. Furthermore, the article showed all the types of five leadership theories example, Classical management and role, transactional, transformational, horizontal and collaborative, and ethical with critical theory. Also, the article pointed out the weakness and strength of some leadership style particularly in organizational leadership type in public sector before addressing political and policymaking theory styles. However, the article also mentioned how the challengers of the leadership theory can be more cumbersome sometime depend on what type of leadership style you using under a particular situation and how well you trained, learned that specific style at a suitable time. Otherwise, the kind of leadership you choose and use it to a wrong group or situation than you will be looking like uneducated leader who is not ready to lead and how always an effective leader draws followers that are admiring his or her leadership style. Because such leaders are reflecting good and an excellent style of leadership that incorporate follower’s opinions and put their ideas as important as well to the organizational benefits. In addition, there is no one good particular leadership theory that could answer any situation, but…

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