The Laws Of Nature And Science Essay

1121 Words Nov 4th, 2016 5 Pages
While science aims to explain particular events and generalizations with the laws of nature, religion aims to explain the same things without being confined to the laws of nature. Religion seeks supernatural explanations to explain the phenomena that science cannot including global why questions, necessary beings, and why the laws of nature are so simple. The conversation between religion and science is often seen as a conflicting debate but Instead of dismissing science and religion as conflicting schools of thought, it is important to acknowledge that they are founded upon entirely different schools of thought. I believe that the problem lies within the extremist notions of religion and science that aim to establish their respective schools of thought as the ultimate authority, and not religion and science itself. Perhaps the most fundamental contradiction between religion and science is brought forth by the conflicting theories of creation and evolution. Sober’s definition of creationism “maintains that each species was separately created by an intelligent designer” whereas evolution asserts the validity that “mindless evolutionary process are responsible for complex adaptations”.(pg 69) The problem here is that creationism rejects the evolutionary theory which is based on scientific premises, on faithful grounds. When considering the fact that creationism “maintains that mindless evolutionary process are incapable of giving rise to complex adaptations”, it is clear…

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