The Law Of Conservation Of Energy Essay

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Energy is a property of objects that can be converted in plenty of different forms or be transferred to another objects. Energy comes in these different forms that may seem different, but they all amount to the same thing. Energy is one of the true constants of universe because as long as the universe has been existent, energy was existent. Due to it being a true constant energy can never be created or destroyed, this is called the law of conservation of energy. This law states that the total energy in an isolated system remains constant, meaning that no energy can be gained or loosed but changed from one form to the other. For example a human subject would eat an apple for sustenance for breakfast, the subject’s body would transform that apple into chemical energy. After the subject goes outside to ride a bike, the subject’s muscles changes chemical energy into kinetic energy in order to pedal the bike, no energy is being generated or eliminated. This key factor in how humanity has harnessed and manipulated energy. With the knowledge of the law of conservation, society has been able to form usable energy from almost anywhere. Exploring how machines utilizes a plethora of different types of energy forms, one could see how energy is used every day, and is in everything. Potential energy is stored energy as the result of its position. When an object is altered from its usual equilibrium position or is elevated over a relative position, the object is able to store energy by…

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