The Law Enforcement And Safe Neighborhoods Essay

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In 2010, Arizona legislators created the “Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods” as a promise to rid Arizona of undocumented immigrants (Cantor, 2011, p.2). By shifting the responsibilities of federal jurisdiction to both state and local, the level of power between all jurisdictions are trickling onto and over one another. This allowed the state and local level authorities to prosecute individuals that were labeled to be undocumented or aliens (Chin and Miller, 2011). Arizona can even be viewed as being ruled under dual federalism because of SB1070. The most relevant sections that will be discussed within the Arizona SB1070 law are 2, 3, 5, and 6. Section 2 requires law enforcement to question the immigration status of an individual during a lawful arrest, stop, or detention (Cantor, 2011). In a locality level where police officers are required to enforce the law, they are given a larger range of authority and power to stop and detain individuals. Combining this concept with reasonable suspicion will heighten the authority and power that law enforcement has over an individual, particularly those who are a person of color. In addition, the Arizona SB1070 law allocated resources to both state and locality towards immigration enforcement, so there may be internal sanctions towards the state or police department if the issue is not prioritized. For example, the police department may be scrutinized for not prioritizing with the incarceration and deportation and…

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