The Late Middle Ages

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During the Late Middle Ages (1300-1600), Western European England had just gone through many changes socially, economically, politically, etc, and was truly starting to form and become its own territory. At the same time, Eastern European Russia was just beginning to form, and it soon became one of the top civilizations. These two European territories were similar and different. First, England and Russia had their similarities and differences politically. Next, the two parts of Europe were extremely similar economically, albeit they had their differences as well. Finally, culturally, England and Russia were quite different, yet still slightly similar. Eastern and Western Europe were both similar and different politically. They shared some …show more content…
England and Russia were different religiously and artistically. While both Russia and England had Christian religions, they had two different branches of Christianity—Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy were very different—Catholicism had a religious hierarchy, while Orthodoxy did not believe in a hierarchy. Catholicism also believed in purgatory, which is sort of like a "waiting room" until judgement day, while Orthodoxy did not believe in purgatory at all—they believed that all souls went directly to hell after death until their judgement day. England adopted their religion from Rome, while Russia adopted their religion from the Byzantine Empire. Russia and England were also different artistically. They had very different artistic styles. In the East, their style was two-dimensional, and not at all personal. Everything was extremely spiritual and far away feeling. On the contrary, the Western art style was very realistic. Images were made to feel personal, and pieces of art depicted realistic situations. Paintings were also three-dimensional, with a great care for detail and precision. Artists wanted viewers to feel familiar and comfortable in the presence of their art. Culturally, through religion and art, Western European England and Eastern European Russia were quite

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