The Last Supper, By Albrecht Durer Essay

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OBJECTIVE ANALYSIS #2 IDENTIFY: The second artwork I have chosen to analyze is “The Last Supper,” by a German woodcut artist named Albrecht Durer located in the private Martin Luther Collection at the MIA. Durer was born in 1471 and died in 1528, he made this artwork in 1523. (Object Label, Target Gallery Ticketed Exhibition) The medium is woodcut, woodcut is “A relief printing technique in which the printing surface is carved with special tools in a solid block of wood. The wood is cut longitudinally from the tree so the grain runs the length of the block. The block is cut and then inked with a brayer or dabber. The paper is then placed on the block and the whole thing is run through a press or rubbed over by a baren or the bowl of a large spoon.” (, "Woodcut"). The approximate dimensions of the artwork are “8 3/8 in. x 5 3/4 in. (21.3 cm x 14.6 cm).” ("Albrecht Dürer | The Last Supper | The Met")

("The Last Supper")
DESCRIBE: The Picture of “The Last Supper” is a story from the gospels that reflects Christs last meal with the apostles before being crucified. Christ is centered in the middle consoling one of the apostles, while the rest of the apostles are seated around a cloth covered table in varying seated positions. Some of them are having conversations amongst themselves while others are intently listening to Christ while he is speaking. There is bread in the lower right hand corned along with a challis and an empty platter on the floor.…

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