The Last Supper And The Holy Bible Essay

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“The Last Supper” is in the Holy Bible in the book of Matthew chapter twenty-six verses seventeen through thirty. This particular story in the Bible has Jesus Christ preparing for the Passover meal. He directed his disciples to go into the city and tell a specific man as Jesus has requested that “The Teacher says: My time has come and I will eat the Passover meal with my disciples at your house.” (Matthew 26:18). While Jesus and his twelve disciples are eating, he announces that one of the men sitting at the very same table will betray him. Each one of the disciples was worried if it would be him so they all asked, “Am I the one, Lord?” Jesus said that one of the men who has just eaten with him will betray him, “For the Son of Man must die, as the Scriptures declared long ago. But how terrible it will be for the one who betrays him. It would be far better for that man if he had never been born!” (Matthew 26:24). Judas then asks if he is the one to betray the Lord. Jesus replied with “You have said it.” (Matthew 26:25). Jesus then took the bread from the dinner, blessed it and said “Take this and eat it, for this is my body.” (Matthew 26:26). Picking up a cup of wine, he gave thanks to God and said “Each of you drink from it, for this is my blood, which confirms the covenant between God and his people. It is poured out as a sacrifice to forgive the sins of many. Mark my words—I will not drink wine again until the day I drink it new with you in my Father’s Kingdom.” (Matthew…

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