The Last Reasons For Abolition Of Slavery In The 1770s

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Register to read the introduction… From the 1770s onwards the West Indies were becoming less important because Cuba and Brazil could produce cheaper sugar. Many of the plantations in the West Indies were closed down and the demand for slaves fell. For example, in 1771 Barbados imported 2728 slaves but one year later they imported none. If this was the case the decision to abolish slavery would have been easier as it was no longer needed and was slowly dying out. Furthermore plantation owners had to pay a substantial amount of money for slaves source 5 quotes," slaves on plantations has to be housed, fed, clothed and replaced if they died or ran away," this contradicts to the fact that there was hard work behind looking after slaves even though you didn't pay them. Sugar from Cuba and Brazil was produced more cheaply than sugar from the West Indies, people their were paid to work in the fields, this gives us the idea why more sugar was sold at a low price because if the slaves were payed then they would contribute in putting more effort in their job and aim to get everything finished as quickly as possible. Plantation owners also had to spend loads of money on guarding their slaves and plantations, making sure none of the rebellious slaves tried burning the fields or sabotaging …show more content…
They ran campaigns, meetings, elections and petitions. These contributed to getting the slaved freed. Mainly, most of the Abolitionists were freed black slaves who wanted the world to recognize what the slaves had to go through and how it wasn't fair or humane. They felt the need in expressing their sadness and anger through writing biography's or protesting against slave trade. Most of the British citizens were persuaded through all the advertising the Abolitionists did to change their judgment on slavery. Nearly everyone at first thought slavery was right because you payed for the slave and that mean you owned it; but if they really looked into what they were doing they would have realized how cruel and disrespectful they were being. Embarrassment would have flung high upon there heads. Slaves were treated with no dignity or loyalty; almost as if they were worth nothing but in fact they did all the work that rich people couldn't stand to do. Loads of people say that even animals were treated better than slaves even though slaves were humans just like all the MP's and plantation owners. Abolitionists had loads of hard work put out in front of them because they had to find out all the secrets and lies behind what the owners said about their slave ships and fields. They spied and did everything in their will power, also with the

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