The Last Noel By Michael Malone Essay

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Many people believe in “true love” and that once it is found, one will live “happily ever after.” This belief is the result of most fictional books and movies painting this idea of love always coming through and fate stepping in to give the parties involved a fairytale ending. The Last Noel by Michael Malone, however, tells a different story about not only love, but friendship as well. This book tells the story of the unlikely, but long lasting friendship between privileged Noni Tilden and the grandson of the Tilden’s lifelong maid, Kaye King. The reader watches as the two grow closer and fall apart again. The Last Noel teaches an important and truly meaningful life lesson that relationships do not always fall into place and end happily equivalent to how they do in the fictional world, but that reality is still an incredible, worthwhile adventure.
The main characters, Noni Tilden and Kaye King, are polar opposites of each other. Noni is the white and privileged daughter of the town’s richest family. Her home life is difficult despite being as privileged as she is. Her father, Bud Tilden, is a drunk, her brother, Wade, becomes a troublemaker after the death of their brother Gordon, and her mother, Judy, is never satisfied as she spends her life conforming to society’s standards and beliefs. Noni spends her life trying to hold the family together even as it falls apart. She takes it upon herself to help everyone. Putting others in front of herself was a dominant trait in…

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