Essay on The Language Of War Is Killing

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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed wrote the article “The Language of War is Killing”. The topic of his article is, if it’s right to kill victims in war. His main claim was it is life, and you have to kill; killing is justified in both war and life. The article was written to argue about whether its right to kill in war or not. Some people may feel this article is specifically directed toward people in the U.S., and the many people who are dealing or involved with war. Many people in the audience have one thing in common with this article and it the simple fact that war effects everyone either physically, mentally, or emotionally. What the author hopes to achieve by writing this article is to fulfill his argument that what he did was justified and that makes him a hero to his people. He made good points and supported his argument good. Some of his points are agreeable and some others are not. Here’s some background information on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He is a militant held in U.S. military custody for act of terrorism including mass murder of civilians. He is a citizen of Pakistan. Khalid was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attack. He was born March 1, 1964. Khalid is now 50 years old. Khalid has two children, Abed al-Khalid and Yousef al-Khalid. His education took place at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University, and Chowan University. As of Feb. 5, 2015, Khalid has been held at Guantánamo for eight years five months. His charges are war crimes. Many people may feel…

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