Essay on The Language Of Discretion By Adam Phillips

1504 Words Dec 3rd, 2014 null Page
Everyone speaks a language, but some people speak more than one language. To learn and understand a new language can be troublesome when first starting to learn said language. Both Amy Tan and Barbara Mellix experience these struggles. Tan’s multicultural Chinese- American life explains why Tan worries about the misunderstanding and stereotypes about the Chinese language. Tan explains in her essay, “The Language of Discretion”, how these misunderstandings and stereotypes affect her life. On the other hand, Mellix goes through the struggles of learning a new dialect of her already spoken language. She worries about her life if she keeps speaking Black English. In the end she wants to make something out of herself. In “From Outside, In”. Mellix talks about growing up speaking in Black English and having to learn Standard English while in college. In his essay, “Worrying and Its Discontents”, Adam Phillips gives us many definitions and explanations towards why we worry. According to Phillips, worry used be used when wolves or dog attacking and eating their prey. Which the saying, when we worry we have something eating away at us, came from. Tan and Mellix both have something eating away at them, their language. The misconceptions of the Chinese language, eats away at Tan. The language barriers Mellix faces, eats away at her. These worries that eat away at Tan and Mellix makes them work to gain an understanding of the language, change the way people think about their language…

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