Essay on The Lady With The Dog By Anton Chekhov

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The story “The Lady with the Dog” by Anton Chekhov explains a change in a person from not caring about anybody to caring and showing compassion for a woman. The character is known as Dmitri Dmititch Gurov, he is the person that changes when he finds true love in his soul. His characteristics in the beginning of the story are being selfish, dishonest, and unfaithful. In the end of the story, he begins to become more caring, honest, and faithful. When a woman comes into his life and turns it around to becoming more caring for things. He falls in love with Anna, the other character in the story, and he changes for her because he never felt that way for any other woman. It is only true that can affect a person so much, they change their character and feelings towards people.
In the beginning of the story, he shows that he does not care much about others as he does for himself. He is in his forties, has one daughter and two sons, and has been married since he was young. He also shows no interest in his family when the author states “He was sick of his children, Sick of the bank; he had no desire to go anywhere or to talk of anything” (78). The reader also learns that he has been unfaithful to this wife and does not love her. The author explains “He had begun being unfaithful to her long ago, had been unfaithful to her often and,... almost always spoke ill of women, and when they were talked about in his presence, used to call them “‘the lower race’” (69). As he meets Anna and…

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