The Lack Of Women 's Leadership Roles Across The Nation, Digs Deep And The Roots Of This Problem

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Sheryl Sandberg discusses the lack of women in leadership roles across the nation, digs deep to the roots of this problem, and offers solutions to empower women in her book Lean In. The title could have many interpretations such as leaning in to listen to what Sandberg has to say about the problems that modern women face. Another interpretation could be to lean in and lend a hand to those women that face these struggles daily. The way I interpreted it was that a woman should not be afraid of getting what she wants, and that should lean in—or jump in—to any opportunity she was offered. A woman comes face to face with discrimination in many different and subtle ways as they grow up. In order to move forward as a society, equality must include women as well.
When the 19th Amendment was ratified, it gave women the right to vote, and it also brought women a step closer to being see as equal. How much longer must we have to wait for the next step forward? “A 2012 Pew study found for the first time that among young people ages eighteen to thirty-four, more young women (66 percent) than young men (59 percent) rated ‘success in a high-paying career or profession’ as important to their lives” (Sandberg, 2013, p. 13). Sandberg is showing us that woman are prepared to reach their career goals yet we are still being held back. Stereotypes plastered on women effect the way we perform. Sandberg (2013) reveals in her book that “Social scientists have observed that when members of…

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