Essay about The Lack Of Women Of Computer Science

802 Words Oct 20th, 2016 4 Pages
Plans and actions are needed in order to get a group of people to come together towards a particular issue in today’s society. As a result, the community can be involved if persuaded with the idea of a great plan. Subsequently, I will argue that my personal action is the most effective way of presenting it to the community. Consequently, not everything can go as planned so a good second option can be used as a safety blanket that will be explained later on in this paper. Additionally, the focus will also be on potential obstacles that can occur while trying to persuade the community with my action. To begin with, my plan is to post fliers across Lone Star College Cy-Fair to have more women join in on the Computer Science Club. In this situation, fliers are known to get the word out on potential events around campus. Moreover, an action that I have decided on is to present this plan within the computer science club to inform others on the issue of the lack of women in computer science. With this in mind, the reason why I feel, as it is the best plan to propose to the community is because of the reason that fliers are seen throughout lone star and what better way to get women to join in by having them as a targeted audience for joining the computer science club. Similarly, while women are my targeted audience it is also important for men to join in on the cause to also educate others on the issue. For one thing, my goal is not to leave anyone out on the plan of involving…

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