The Labors Of Heracles That Can Be Seen As ' Conquests Of Death '

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1. The Labors of Heracles that can be seen as ‘conquests of death’ are:
First would be the Labor of the Cattle of Geryon. In this quest Heracles had to face terribly awful odds in order to complete the task. He had to go to the western edge of the earth and even required the aid of Helius’ golden cup to sail the waters in and had to face the Geryon, his herdsman and Orthus. It was unlikely, or even impossible that he completed the quest and the fact that he did makes it a conquest of death.
Second would be the Labor of The Apples of the Hesperides. Heracles had to travel to a not very accessible land, he had to fetch where this land was from a supernatural being that was very reluctant, to top it off he had to carry the weight of the heavens all the while Atlas fetched the apples. The tree that the apples grew on is reminiscent of the tree of life and the apples thus are that that cause immortality. Heracles conquered death by conquering life. He conquered the tree of life, apple of immortality and even held the heavens up.
Third would be the Labor of Cerberus. This is the most obvious conquest of death since Heracles actually has to travel to Hades, the land of the dead. It was such a hard labor that Heracles would not have been able to complete it without the help of the gods. Going through Hades and retrieving and returning Cerberus was the conquest of death because Heracles remained living despite going where only the dead remained.

2. Theseus’ deeds that mirror the…

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