Essay about The Klan 's Involvement During The Civil Rights Movement

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The Ku Klux Klan is a racist, anti-semitic hate group whose primary goal was to restore white supremacy in the South. Originating in Pulaski, Tennessee in 1866, the KKK began as a mere social fraternity but rapidly grew into a violent force determined to reverse the government’s progressive reconstruction during the 1860’s/70’s (Ku Klux Klan, 2016). By 1870, the Klan’s popularity had increased significantly with branches in a large majority of the Southern states. Since then, the Klan has fluctuated in members and popularity. After the Klan’s involvement during the Reconstruction Era subsided, they lay dormant until the 1900’s when they began protesting Jews, Catholics and organized-labour (KKK, 2016). This outburst was followed by a short decline in popularity however by the 1960’s of Klan activity was flourishing in the South with the civil rights movement. Despite the cycle of growth and collapse, in all of its incarnations the Klan has managed to sustain its foundations of hate and violence. Although the KKK are infamous for their mistreatment of minorities, the group views their actions and morals as good. Visiting the KKK’s official website reveals how they view themselves is radically different to how the public views their beliefs and actions. According to the site “Guardian”, their overwhelming pride and love for their purpose and members caused extreme narrow-mindedness and exclusion. The Klan has constructed an ideal country, one that doesn’t include…

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