The Kite Runner Essays

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The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini
Chapters 1-5 (PP. 1-47)
Reading Questions
1. The novel begins with a flashback. What do you think is its purpose? What do you learn about the narrator? The purpose of the book in my opinion is to set up the setting of the main idea of the book and to give the readers Amir’s opinion on his fellow characters, so they can see the main idea. You learn about Amir’s life and how this event has affected him. 2. Who is Hassan? Describe him physically. What is a cleft lip? Describe him by his relationships. What was his first word? Why is that important? How did he come into Amir's life? What contrast is made between Amir and Hassan? Hassan is Amir’s servant who is also like a little brother to
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What does Assef threaten (foreshadow)? Assef, Wali and Kamal try to beat up Amir and Hassan but Hassan threatens them with a slingshot. They back off but promise Hassan that this was not the end, and his day of pain will come and they will not hold back from his beating at all.
16. Hassan has plastic surgery to be able to smile “normally” by the following winter. Why does Amir think that is ironic? Amir thinks it is ironic because Hassan has a winter that changes his life forever.
17. What does Amir want to tell Assef about Hassan when Assef bullies them about being friends? Amir wants to tell Hassan that they are not friends, but that Hassan is only Amir’s servant.

Journal Questions and Quotations 1. Analyze the metaphorical statement, “….the past claws its way out” (p1). How does it relate to the information to the narrator, Amir, reveals in Chapter 1? What might Rahim Khan’s statement mean? In my opinion, that statement means that the past will come out eventually, willingly or not. This relates to Amir because his past is a past he tried so hard to hide and avoid but comes out whether he likes it or not. Rahim Khan might know about what Amir has done in his past and knows a way he can make it better and help him release his regrets. 2. Compare/contrast Amir and Hassan, noting their backgrounds, how each boy interacts with their father, and the circumstances surrounding their birth. Amir was born into a rich and elegant

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