Essay about The Kite Runner By Edward Albee

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The Kite Runner, a bildungsroman novel written by Khaled Hosseini, explores the maturing of the central protagonist Amir. It mainly surrounds the uncharacteristic friendship between, Amir and Hassan, with elements of loyalty and betrayal. The Zoo Story, written by Edward Albee, is a one act play that involves the meeting of two characters, Peter and Jerry. Peter is a social conformist and a middle classed citizen whilst Jerry is a non-conformist of a lower class. Although Peter is of a higher position in society, in this play, Jerry seems to be the dominant and controlling character. Both Albee and Hosseini present relationships in both texts to be based on social values and differences. The idea of social values is inflicted within family relationships as, in The Kite Runner; Baba is unable to accept Hassan as his biological son because of the illegitimate relationship between himself and Ali’s wife. This would go against the normality within society and therefore affect Baba’s reputation. Instead, Baba never discloses this to anyone and, due to the pressure of social values, takes this secret with him to the grave. Therefore, this creates a complex relationship between Hassan, Baba and Amir and although they are blood related, Hassan is still considered a servant to Amir and Baba, even though, they are actually brothers. Also, within Amir’s wife’s family – Soraya’s family – the impact of social values is very high. After General Taheri, Soraya, Amir and Baba move to…

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