The King Of The Persians And The Medes Essay example

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At one point in time, the king of the Persians and The Medes looked out amongst a great army of some two million men. The sheer size of such a military was enough to send anyone who valued their life running. The great king of kings was going to accomplish what had not been done before, not by his father or anyone of the like. He was going to conquer Greece. Such confidence could only later be replaced with horror, as the once great king looked upon his defeat from the height of a mountain, a symbolic end to a powerful campaign. The life of Xerxes is one most eventful, from his beginning filled with worthwhile education and preparation to be a legendary ruler, to his most well-known campaign against the Greeks, and finally the aftermath of his stunning defeat.

The great Xerxes was born in 518 B.C. to Darius and Atossa, whose father had been Cyrus the Great, the man who gave power to the Achaemenid Empire. Though not the eldest of Darius’s children, his heritage made him the most likely contender for successor when Darius fell to the hands of death. And it was to be decided, early on, that Xerxes would be picked over his eldest brother, Artabanzanes, and be crowned with the knowledge that someday he would rule. Xerxes was well educated as a boy and taught to read and write cuneiform. He was also made to study and comprehend sources of wealth such as trading and conquest and furthermore learn how to expand those resources, so he could therefore apply this knowledge to…

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