The Killing Of The Pig Essay

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It seems best to first finish the example started with, so the next thing to do is determine whether Will played any role in the boys turning out the way they did. In order to see whether Will did indeed cause the boys to become the monsters that they did it is important to look at the reason the boys were engaging in the ritualistic dance in the first place. Ever since landing on the island the boys tried desperately to successfully hunt down and kill one of the pigs that were living on the island with them. After failing at it on their first attempt, their resolve to catch one only grew stronger, and as they continually tried to catch one of these pigs, the task slowly became an obsession of theirs that drove them to a point of crazed desire. This can be seen when they finally do catch a pig and end up violently mutilating it when their initial reason for hunting pigs was for food. Once they did finally kill a pig, they experienced the issue which Schopenhauer points out. The killing of the pig was no longer enough to satisfy their innocent desire for food, so their desires slowly started moving towards more vicious desires where they first felt compelled to continually mutilate the dead body and then engage in an almost ritualistic dance as an attempt to recreate the event of killing the pig. But even that was not enough for them as they eventually turned to one of the boys and began to harm him as if he were the pig. After seriously hurting the boy, it was once again…

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