Heart Of Darkness Vs Apocalypse Now Analysis

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Heart Of Darkness vs. Apocalypse Now

Coppola puts a vietnam war spin on Conrad 's story Heart of Darkness in his movie Apocalypse Now. There are countless similarities between the two along with very noticeable and important differences. Both Coppola and Conrad share a common idea regarding the psychology of man and the effects on the human mind. Through the use Conrad 's use of descriptive language combined with writing style and Coppola´s stylistic and thoughtful film techniques to highlight the importance of light versus dark. In addition, when viewing the Kurtz´s character is important to notice the slight differences along with the very apparent similarities that hint at the work as a whole.
In Heart of Darkness, Conrad flips the meaning
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Marlow was intrigued by Kurtz to the point where he realized he needed to be saved and pulled out of the heart of darkness. He was ill in the mind and was past the point of return. Marlow did not want Kurtz to die, he simply wanted to bring him back safely. Unfortunately once on the steamer Kurtz died from illness. Kurt gave Marlow a packet of photographs and papers, and just like in Apocalypse now he was ready to die and wanted Marlow and Willard to tell his family about the great things he 's done and the life he lived out at the Inner station. Marlow keeps his promise, he goes back to his family, yet is unable to bring himself to tell the full truth about Kurtz’s business. Whereas it is unclear if Willard goes to the family, but it is easy to assume the that Marlow did not follow through with Kurtz’s …show more content…
Once faced with it one battles with morals and end up loosing all sense of sanity. Conrad writes that that Marlow can see how Kurtz nearing the end of his life, “He struggled with himself, too” (Conrad 135). In the poem The Hollow Men by T.S Eliot hollow men are showed to be at a constant struggle with themselves. Just like Kurtz and many of the other characters in both Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now they are shown to be in limbo between heaven and hell. These people are shown to be so desensitized to what is happening in the world around them and their own actions that they are unable to tell right from wrong and ultimately lose their soul being permanently stuck in purgatory. In addition Coppola not only samples aspects from Conrad 's work but takes ideas from Rudyard Kiplings :The White Man 's Burden and Herny LaBoucheres The Brown Man 's Burden”and gives his movie an Imperialistic twist, with the ¨white men¨ being the americans and the ¨brown men¨ being the Vietnamese. In both Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now the ideologies of these poems are played out while showing that the while men think they are entitled to everything, they live an easy live with minute struggles that are blown out of proportion until the other side of humanity is shown. Just as Marlow does when he is finally able to understand that the

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