Jealousy Of Darkness In Darkness And Darkness

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So, hate and jealousy are not only very obvious but also cause Marlow to do something for Kurtz, although he has not met him by then. Marlow knows that Kurtz is a hard-working man and Marlow himself is a hard-working man, so Marlow and Kurtz are similar. Apparently, as they seem similar, one can say that Kurtz is as good as him. Mostly, Marlow must have felt that way, so he shows some sympathy, and that is by lying to the brickmaker. “The original Kurtz . . . was good enough to say himself—his sympathies were in the right place” (Conrad 102). Furthermore, Marlow has realized that the truth is too dark and in spite of his anger towards lying, he acts like a good civilized man who must act as if goodness and faith prevail. In her article Lipka argues that …show more content…
Moreover, Marlow's lie to Kurtz's intended not only does save her, but also saves Kurt's reputation. The second lie is not for the sake of Marlow's own goals, it is for the sake of Kurtz and his intended. Conrad's Novel Heart of Darkness shows certain samples of extreme conditions that test the nature and the mentality of a normal human being. Those conditions can change the core of a man and surely can challenge his beliefs, not to mention that they can awake the evil inside. Marlow is a good man who is challenged by these extreme conditions, which forces him to do the thing he hates the most and that is lying, which is such a great challenge to him. We cannot say that Marlow accepts the challenge; in fact, he is forced to; "the Intended's glowing forehead leads Marlow to a lie" (Bruce Stark

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