Essay on The Killing Of The Jewish Religion

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When one hears the word Judaism or ‘Jew” a few ideas come into mind. The killing of Jesus Christ, Israel VS Palestine, the Holocaust and Hanukkah just to name a few. Before the holocaust, Jews were discriminated because of their past history. After the holocaust, Jews are now looked at as greedy, poor, selfish individuals who only care for themselves. Post-Holocaust followers of the Jewish religion still undergo discrimination in their journey of following religion due to their troubled past, and the anti-Semitic views held by society.
Anti-Semitism by definition is discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic or racial group. Anti-Semitism has been around since the beginning of time. Back in time, the romans demanded Jews to convert to Christianity if they wanted to be granted citizenship. In the sixth century, the Justinian code was issued ruling that Jews were prohibited from running for office, reading the bible in Hebrew, and going into public places (Rickman 2008). Anti-Semitism is in every corner of this world and anti-Semitics make it well known by committing hate crimes, protesting, and siding with radical- Islamic states to destroy the only Jewish State known as Israel. The issue of Anti-Semitism is a modern concern happening in countries who are making it

known. Iran, Palestine, the United States, Germany, France, Pakistan, Venezuela, and Egypt are recent states where reports on Anti-Semitism has happened.
Before the Holocaust which was a dark period…

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