The Killer Whale : The Trainer, Drowned, Or That The Whale Essay

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In 2010, one of SeaWorld’s trainers was killed by one of their trained killer whales. Dawn Brancheau was the trainer that was killed by the killer whale. This tragic event shocked the whole nation. There have been several descriptions on how the trainer was killed. Some say that the trainer “drowned” or that the whale “grabbed the trainer by the waist.” Despite the fact, this tragedy made the whole SeaWorld family emotional and stated “we’ve just lost a member of our family.” No one knows the real story. Most people would say that the killer whale acted this way due to captivity.
Whales are highly intelligent creatures that need to live in an environment to swim freely and to not be restricted in a tank. While they are in captivity, they have very little space and cannot behave naturally. Living in the tank can never replace their home in the ocean. If they are trained creatures, this could cause them to misbehave and disobey the trainer’s orders. Captive whales are trained to perform stunts and tricks on a daily basis; they would receive food as a reward when they are well behaved. The whales are often kept in smaller tanks than show pools when they are not performing. Placing these creatures in such small tanks can result in stress and aggression. This could also be the possible reason why the killer whale might have possibly attacked the trainer. Besides their unusual behavior, the mental and physical stress that the whales suffer from captivity could weaken their immune…

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