The Key Factors Responsible For The Expansion Of The United States Of American Foreign Policy

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Gerald Stourzh, an Austrian historian and author of Benjamin Franklin and American Foreign Policy, wrote “Expansion was the essential condition for growth and prosperity of America” (Weeks, 1) Prior to the nation’s birth, American leadership became aware of the potential of the North American continent. Expansion was prevalent in the discourse of foreign and domestic politics. In fact, from 1776 to 1865 America transformed from a British colonial possession, into an affluent world power that controlled territory from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and stretching nearly 1,500 miles north to south. Rapid ascendancy on the continent raises the obvious question: How did America become an enormous country in ninety years? In general terms, the three key factors responsible for the expansion of the United States of American between 1776 and 1865 are ideology, diplomacy, and technology. Unfortunately these factors overlap chronologically, but this paper will aim to give dates to put expansion and the factor related to each growth in an understandable order. Ideologies supplied motivation for American expansion across the continent. One common ideology was the concept of providence. Providence is the notion that due to American Christianity and virtues, God crafted a course for the nation to become a new holy land (Weeks, 34). Furthermore, God’s approval of the American cause was the main reason for victory over the British in 1783 (Weeks, 35). Another common 18th and…

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