The Key Characteristics Of The Commercial Leasing Act 1995

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The key characteristics of the commercial leasing Act 1995 include that a lessor is obligated to provide any potential lessee with a copy of a proposed lease while commencing negotiation. Moreover, a lessor is also required to provide a statement of disclosure before the lease is renewed or entered into. The Act and regulations specifies the motives of a disclosure statement. Landlords are obliged to provide tenants with an annual estimate of the outgoings at the end of the financial year. The landlord has to provide this within one month before the ending of the financial year, this procedures is developed through a form of a disclosure statement. The lessor is also obligated to provide the lessee with a written report, prepared by a registered …show more content…
The clause specifies that a lessee’s permission is required in any circumstance that a lessor requires interest in the land, the lessors must have written consent by the lessee for such a proposal, which must be provided within seven days of receipt of a written receipt from the Lessor to do so. Furthermore, section 6-37 of the South Australian Retail and Commercial Lease Act 1995 specifies that a retail shop lease require the lessor not to intervene or commence an alteration of a retail shopping centre or building that is likely to affect the lessee’s business. Unless the following conditions apply (a) the lessor has informed/provided a written document explaining the proposed alterations within a period of at least one month before commencing the proposed project or (b) the refurbishment/alteration is considered a necessity in regards to an emergency situation and the lessor has significantly notified the lessee that is practical and reasonable to the …show more content…
However, you are quite satisfied with the amount of space you already have, furthermore you have not officially given James permission to do so. The law states that under the South Australian Retail and Commercial Lease Act 1995 and clause 1.5, a lessor is not allowed to alter or renovate the premises without consent from the lessee. Unless the lessor has asked permission through writing or the renovation is a requirement in regards to an emergency.
Conclusion: Considering that James has not officially asked your permission through a written consent nor is the renovation towards the business urgent in regards to an emergency. Overall as a lessee and under clause 1.5 as well as the South Australian Retail and Commercial Lease Act 1995 you are not obligated to follow James endeavour to renovate the premises.

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