Essay on The Keeper Of The Virgins

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Writers from around the world united to contribute to the exceptional compilation that is The Art of The Story. Each story had its own individual style. Some of the stories had items they excelled at, while others failed to reach their full potential.
Firstly, Hanan Al-Shaykh’s The Keeper Of The Virgins is an excellent story. The opening line: “ One of the women wondered aloud if he was a dwarf in every way.” was attention grabbing. Immediately, it piqued my interest. Who are these women? Is this man an actual dwarf? Is he a dwarf in every way? This was an impressive way to open the short story. In a few short pages, Al-Shaykh gave brief background information with very little unnecessary information.
The Keeper Of The Virgins story was structured with a clear (nameless) protagonist who’s goal was to get past the gates and to the other side. The author did something interesting by not naming any of the characters except one. The only name used was Georgette, a virgin who had joined the ranks of the virgins behind the gates. The relationship between thr protagonist and Georgette was not explained other than a salutation that was sent from her, through another character to the protagonist. While I liked the method of minimal name usage, and found it interesting, it made it difficult differentiate between characters where the male characters were all denoted as “He” and the female as “She”. Moving on, I was caught completely off guard by Toni Cade Bambara’s Gorilla, My…

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