The Juvenile Criminal Justice Act Essay

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Young offenders in Canada are protected under an act that was established in 2003, The Youth Criminal Justice Act. The YCJA introduced significant changes to the way young offenders are tried in the criminal justice system, including the overuse of courts and incarceration in less serious cases, disparity and unfairness in sentencing and the need to better take into account the interests of victims. There are, however, still cases in Canada that require young offenders to receive an adult sentence. Shae Priaulx, 18 years of age, was sentenced as an adult on November 6, 2009. On the evening of April 8, 2oo7, then 16 year old Shae was asked by some friends to buy some marijuana off of him. Shae contacted the drug dealer he made business with ordinarily, 20 year old Jeffrey Delgado. Priaulx and Delgado met at Sheppard Plaza, at Sheppard Ave. W. and Bathurst St. A CCTV camera caught the two at Pizza Pizza at 9:21 p.m. The two men went into the alley in the rear of the plaza to smoke some marijuana, and then the crime occurred. Shae pulled out a concealed knife and stabbed Delgado five times, one through the heart, stealing the drugs, cellphone and money. Autopsy on Delgado showed no signs of a struggle or defense wounds. Jeffrey’s body was found the next morning lying against the back door of a Starbucks when the employee had trouble getting the door open. Priaulx had a very eventful childhood, moving from unit to unit of small housing, from school to school, all while his…

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