The Juniper Trees Essay example

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From the cover of the juniper trees, Duvall watched the wranglers move a steady string of cattle in and out of the corral. If he wanted to get closer he could but for now he’d bide his time. In front of him, twin boulders provided the perfect cover. To an extent, the rocks were tightly wedged, but he found room to slip his rifle barrel between them. He’d make his shot and leave unnoticed.
To avoid the chance of someone stumbling upon him, he’d left his horse far outside the canyon. He’d have to walk a ways.
His eyes traveled to the woman who’d ignored her husband when they rode into camp—maybe she wouldn’t even miss him. No harm would come to her. His orders were to kill Masters. The sides of his lips turned up. He’d take great pleasure in killing the man responsible for his mangled leg and the scars he’d received from the Scarlett Rose. Too bad he didn’t know who the kid was with him.
Ready now, Duvall checked his Winchester and slunk low, passing over the prickly pear cactus, and coming up behind the boulders. He needed one clear shot. His rifle barrel edged between the boulders and slid into the open. So close, he could almost touch Masters’ woman. His enemy wouldn’t live to see another day.
Shouts and whistles sent the cattle into the corral. She kneed her horse within a few yards of the commotion and dismounted. A frightened calf bolted and slid headfirst down the muddy sides of the creek.
Masters scrambled into action, letting his lasso fly around the startled…

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