The Jungle By Upton Sinclair Essay

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In the face of perseverance many would falter and give up, but there are those who, despite their misfortune will find a way to continue on living. The book, The Jungle talks about the difficulties that our main protagonist Jurgis goes through in his search of the American dream.The American dream for many immigrants is to search for better pay and living conditions, but it was not always this way. In the past it was hell because of capitalism and big corporations that controlled the lives of people. Throughout the book we see how difficult the life was for Jurgis and what he went through to get by. Through it all he does not give up and as the reader we see how hopeless his actions were. We see how insignificant working hard will get him a better life. Sinclair depicts that the poor will always remain poor and the rich will always remain rich with power.
Upton Sinclair describes the immigrants ' lives as a form of modern slavery because of the working conditions of jobs and the corrupt companies.In the past, the slave would get abused by the white man because he was in power and had total control of the slave 's life.Some people in the novel, including Jurgis were cheated out of money and their hard work. Nobody was allowed to complain about the working conditions because if anyone did then they would get fired. Fired was a huge deal since it meant other companies would not hire you anymore.At the time big businesses monoplosied and exploited the fear of being jobless as a…

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