The Jungle By Upton Sinclair Essay

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In the historical novel The Jungle, author, Upton Sinclair, composes the story of Lithuanian immigrants with aspirations of achieving the “American Dream.” Jurgis Rudkus, his lover Ona Lukosziate and her ten family members traveled to the center of Lithuanian immigration, a meatpacking industry of Chicago, known as “Packingtown.” Here it was perceived that they would establish a better living in a place professed to reward the labor of those willing to grind. However, the American dream at this time came with much misconception and required rigorous vocations performed in unsafe working conditions with no regard for employee safety while also being manipulated by the grasps of capitalism. Sinclair begins the story with the newly weds organizing a “veselija”, a traditional Lithuanian wedding feast, where guests customarily provide generous offerings in order to pay for the festivals’ expenses. Conversely, Sinclair depicts the true nature of American urban society as the unscrupulous guests stuff themselves with free food and drinks, before disappearing without leaving some sort of payment towards the veselija. Nevertheless, Sinclair introduces the American principle of personal accountability, or rugged individualism, as Jurgis proclaims: “I will work harder” (14). Along with the rugged individualism, Sinclair uses the exploitation and degradation of Lithuanian immigrants to describe dehumanization within the workplace, the false expectations of the American Dream, and the…

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