The Judicial System And The Application Of Criminal Responsibility

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The judicial systems of various countries operate in such a manner where the fundamental belief of justice is carried out based on the code of law. Since every country is governed by its own set of laws and rules, due process for such criminal acts will not have the same punishment or consequences like those here in the United States. As such, the country of Australia will be analyzed in order to understand how the judicial system and the application of criminal responsibility work.
The Australian legal system is based upon the fundamental belief of the rule of law, justice, and independence of the judiciary (Australian Government: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2012). The formation of the Australian law system itself is derived from that of the United Kingdom and this is the basis of the Australian philosophy of law. The Australian theory of law is very different from that of civil law in other European countries, which are derived from Roman law, but in Australia however, they employ similar variations of the common law that are particular in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, and India (Australian Government: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2012).
The history of Australian law is evident in the Australian Constitution of 1901,which established a federal system of the government that allotted power between the federal government and the state. The state and territories have independent legislative power in all maters that are not…

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