The Joy Luck Club : Amy Tan 's Argument Essay

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Amy Tan’s Argument What is an author’s purpose of creating a work of literature? An obvious reason as to why authors write books is to spark a debate. Authors want readers to have discussions over the text they’ve read. Amy Tan is no exception and succeeded in getting her readers to dispute over her works. For instance scholars argue over whether the narrative beginnings in The Joy Luck Club took a feminist view point or if the beginnings were there to analyze cultural identity (Romagnolo). Her works like The Bonesetter’s Daughter and The Joy Luck Club assess controversial deliberations. Tan expresses her argument through her characters based on real life situations. Amy Tan evaluates controversial topics such as familial bonds, culture diversity, and the fate of women in The Joy Luck Club and The Bonesetter’s Daughter by constructing realistic representations of mother and daughter relationships. Tan’s first way of creating realistic depictions of mother and daughter relationships as a means to evaluate them, is through mothers that were selfless and misunderstood by their daughters. One of the mothers “LuLing did not cook or eat beef....Yet now, for her daughter’s sake she put an unadorned patty in front of Ruth…” (The Bonesetter’s Daughter 76). LuLing sacrificed her personal beliefs in order to aid her to daughter speak after Ruth broke her arm then stayed silent in fear of speaking. Ruth was afraid to speak because she learned while she was injured, her mother…

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