Essay on The Journey Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Because Madiba worked so hard in high school, he received the opportunity to enroll in the most prestigious engineering school of Haiti. It was like a dream that came true. He became the talk of the town where he lived. No one had believed that such a thing could happen one day; however, it was Madiba’s destiny to be an engineer. The universe conspired to help him realize this dream because it was his personal legend. But, was it also his destiny to live a life full of tragedy? There were these things to think about.
I really want to say to you that Madiba was the happiest young man in the world after he received the scholarship. I really want to stop writing and put a period to end the story, but those problems that Madiba had faced in the beginning were just the tip of the iceberg. His life was not like the movies with always a happy ending to please people. When I mentioned that his life was a tragedy, it really was. Two months before Madiba attended college, he received a phone call which turned his life upside down forever. It was a man’s voice on the phone. “The sole survivor of a fatal house fire in the town lost five of his children and his wife,” the man said. He realized that the man on the phone was his little brother. Madiba had a startle reaction. Even though he was very close to his brother and they used to make those kinds of jokes, he had suddenly this feeling that it wasn’t a joke. “I…

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