The Job Opportunities, Pay, And Spending Essay

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Busy streets, honking vehicles, impatient people, high-paying jobs, dirty air, and a fast-paced life. All of these describe the life of someone who lives in an urban area. From this description, it may seem like complete chaos and somewhat unappealing. In contrast to the complete opposite living environment, rural, where the dirt roads are lined with deep ditches and fields of corn and wheat that can be seen for miles, the calmer and more peaceful living spot may seem more intriguing. But in many ways is living in the city a much better option than the country, even though it may have some cons to go along with it. One of the factors that give urban life its character include the different job opportunities, pay, and spending. In urban areas, the best jobs to have involve financial relations, such as actuaries and advisors, real estate brokers, engineers, for example environmental, biomedical, or software, and anything that has to relate to technical work and/or security. These jobs take a great amount of intelligence and dedication, which is why the salary amount is colossal. Urban households receive nearly $16,000 more than rural households because less than half of the people living in rural areas have a college education. When urban professions are contrasted to the professions in rural areas, which include construction managers, teachers, and farmers, the pay does not compare to urban jobs. Spending is also a differentiator between rural and urban areas. Rural…

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