The Jews During The Holocaust Essay

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The first of Stanton’s stages, that of classification, is certainly applicable to the genocide against the Jews during the Holocaust. Stanton depicts classification as a process of ‘othering’, the aim of which is to distinguish the differences between desirable and undesirable demographic groups. In this case you have the polarities of the ideal Aryan race and the Jews. The Nazi regime sought to ensure as little confusion as possible as to which category an individual belonged. In September of 1935 the Nuremburg Laws were passed. These were extremely anti -Semitic statutes that sought to restrict and diminish the identity of German Jews in particular, this was achieved through the deprivation of German citizenship. No longer were they German, instead they were now labelled as ‘nationals’. Conversely ‘Reich citizens’ was the position of those who were classified as belonging to the Aryan ideal under the Reich Citizenship law. The Law for the Protection of German Blood and honour asserted that anyone who had three or four Jewish grandparents, or declared themselves as Jews, were to be considered Jewish. In this way Mischlinge (partial Jews), were also categorised according to genealogy. When accumulated together these actions served to promote Völkisch equality, the practical application of Nazi ideology where only those deemed to be true Germans had equal rights. This series of classification undeniably worked to create the initial wave of persecution.
Whilst classification…

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