The Jews During The Holocaust Essay

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During the Holocaust, the Jews were targeted by the German Nazi’s, they were looked at as if they were evil or horrible human beings. Adolf Hitler, was the leader of the Nazi ' believed that Jewish people were the reason why Jesus was killed and because it’s seen as if the Jewish people moved from place to place without offering anything. As the Holocaust started in 1933 to 1945, the Jewish people had to move plenty of times, especially in the place where it all had started Auschwitz, Germany. Jews were treated horribly during these times, they were placed in concentration camps, burned in crematories, and put in gas chambers. They were forced to walk for days in dreadful weather conditions, and was shot if they stopped. For example Jewish people did have consequences for being inferior compared to Hitler and Germans. They were persecuted for different reasons. Jews were persecuted by the German police because they were looked at as a race rather than a religion. Nazi’s persecuted the Jews because of their beliefs and culture. This persecution didn’t stop because no one tried to stop it and also because nothing was stopping them, the Nazi’s kept going. As being a Jew they were put in concentration camps and were forced to work. When the Jews arrived at the camps, they were robbed of their prized possessions and anything in their suitcases. They didn’t get fed daily or didn’t get to take showers. They were all given a striped shirt and matching pants, similar to…

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