The Jewish Religious Tradition Dating Essay examples

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A Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish religious tradition dating back to the 5th century that marks the transition from child into adulthood within the Jewish community. This commandment requires the child to begin preparation at an early age, including learning about Judaism, Hebrew, and the Torah. The ceremony includes a service in the Synagogue, which is followed by a celebratory reception. Both the service and the reception include various traditions that have been passed down in the Jewish community since the fifth century. Important themes that we see are the importance of the father and son relationship, the importance of the rabbi and mitzvah relationship, as well as the family/communities relationship with the mitzvah. All of these traditions point to helping build a strong foundation for the child and his relationship with God.
Bar Mitzvah comes from the Jewish Babylonian Aramaic word meaning “son” and bat comes from the same word meaning “daughter”. Mitzvot which is plural for mitzvah means “commandment” or “law” so these words together mean “son of the commandment” and “daughter of the commandment”. The divine commandments that the Jewish people follow are considered human obligations and this shows the relationship that God has with the Jewish people. The bar and bat mitzvah is a coming of age celebration for Jewish boys and girls, a boy becomes eligible for a bar mitzvah at the age of 13 and a girl becomes eligible for a bat mitzvah at age 12. In orthodox and conservative…

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