The Jet Programme A Few Years Ago Essay

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I first became aware of the JET programme a few years ago. I was passing a poster on the way to my Japanese class and it caught my attention. It was A3 in size, portrait, beautifully coloured, and focused on a single phrase: “Do you want to teach English in Japan?”. Immediately I thought to myself, “Yes. Yes, I would really like to do that.”.

My curiosity of Japan was sparked at a young age when I first watched Japanese media on the television. From then on, my interest grew steadily over the years, beginning with research on Japan’s history, with the differences between the waring Shogunate and Imperialism factions during the Senkogu era; to learning basic Japanese, which I later took formal university classes on. My admiration was further strengthened by travelling to Japan to help a local Hida farming community prepare for winter, and experiencing the traditional culture. In essence, Japan for me contains a world with a vibrant community, language, and history that I would like to be involved in, belong to, learn more about, and share experiences of. I believe that through travelling to many different distinct countries, having school-based and independent instructing knowledge; in addition to wanting to integrate my JET experience into my future career as a teacher, I would be an ideal candidate for the JET programme.

Through sharing experiences of where I have travelled to before, I can highlight the importance of engaging with people and being adaptable to new…

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