The Issues with Individuals in Society Having the Responsibility to Pay for Insurance That Covers the Cost of Contraceptives When It’s Against the Individual’s Personal or Religious Beliefs

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Sarah Kate Powell
Health 2030- Section 002
Lee Crandall
19 November 2015

The Issues With Individuals In Society Having The Responsibility To Pay For Insurance That Covers The Cost of Contraceptives When It’s Against The Individual’s Personal Or Religious Beliefs
The term “ethics” can be derived from the Greek term ethos that means habit, custom, disposition or character. Ethics is defined as “a system of moral principals and a branch of philosophy which defines what is good for the individual and society. “ (Ethics, 2014) It is a collection of concepts acquired from philosophies, cultures, and religions. Some of these ethical concepts include the principals of autonomy, beneficence and social justice. Ethics
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This debate resulted in an action oriented health policy made up of a patchwork of federal laws, which explicitly allows doctors and other direct health care providers the ability to refuse in performing or assisting in an abortion. The issue surrounding abortion has now broadened to society and insurance, where deciding if individuals should have the responsibility to provide or fund insurance that covers the cost of contraceptives when it’s against the individual’s personal or religious beliefs. On both sides of the debate, individuals have valid arguments for why they support or for why they are against this policy; such as their ethical principals and the decision-making processes they apply to the issue. Policy dilemmas have arisen with this enacted health policy, however, due to issues with the uneven distribution in the rights and responsibilities of the stakeholders, along with differences in their moral decisions of what they feel is good or bad and their different perspectives in what is right and wrong (Ethics, 2014). Overall, this causes policy controversy, or an ethical debate.

Arguments For: One side of the healthcare argument poses the idea that is it ethical that individuals in society should not have to pay for insurance that covers the cost of contraceptives if its against their personal or religious beliefs. It comes back to the idea that any type of use of contraception is associated with abortion, which is against many

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