The Issues Of Foreign Policy Essay

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Alexandra Cox
Johnson vs. Nixon
Kennedy and Johnson started and expanded the war in Vietnam, making it the dominant issue of foreign policy. Johnson escalated the Soviet containment strategy in Vietnam with more ground troops. Johnson wanted to focus on internal affairs like health care but had to address the war he inherited in Vietnam and could not fulfill both domestic or foreign policy successfully. Nixon ended the war in Vietnam, his slogan while running for presidency was “Peace with honor” and he succeeded at it through political negotiations. Most of Nixon’s foreign policy was to prioritize détente with China and the Soviet Union so it helped increase political slack. Johnson and Nixon had two different foreign policy plans and Nixon’s was more successful.
Johnson took many of his domestic strategies from Kennedy. Kennedy before his assassination had a vision to involve the government in civil affairs. So that the government may help those who were previously ostracized in the system. Johnson wanted to take this vision and predominantly focus on domestic affairs or according to Gaddis “butter”. His most well known domestic policies are the Civil Rights Acts. It outlawed most forms of racial segregation and provided equal housing opportunities. He also passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 outlawing discrimination in voting. This success in the civil rights movement is often overlooked because of the turmoil Vietnam created domestically. Vietnam became a pressing…

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